Joint GOBLET/ELIXIR metagenomics training material curation hackathon

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Date: April 7, 2016 – April 8, 2016

Venue: EMBL-EBI, , United Kingdom, CB10 1SD

A workshop sponsored by ELIXIR to do the following:
1 Create a collated/curated set of metagenomics training materials that is accessible to the whole training community.
2 Define a working framework for curation of training materials (including best-practice guidelines) for trainers wishing to make their materials available via the TeSS/GOBLET portals.
3 Prepare a best-practice report to include both the framework for material curation and guidance on the use of such material in the development of new training course, allowing dissemination of the approach to all ELIXIR nodes and GOBLET members.



Hinxton, Cambridge

United Kingdom

CB10 1SD