GOBLET Genesis & Evolution: First Five Years Report

TitleGOBLET Genesis & Evolution: First Five Years Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAttwood TK, Brazas MD, van Gelder CWG, McGrath A
Series TitleF1000Research Bioinformatics Education and Training Collection
Date Published06/2018
Keywordsbioinformatics and data science training for life scientists, bioinformatics trainer community, bioinformatics training portal, bioinformatics training resources, global training organisation, training network

This document provides a detailed report of the work and achievements of the GOBLET Foundation during its first five years, since its establishment in November 2012. The report begins by looking back at the rationale for the formation of GOBLET, then reviews its principal work and accomplishments, largely retrospectively, from the standpoint of its successive annual meetings. The key outputs (training resources, newsletters, publications, posters, meeting reports and presentations, workshops and courses organised, etc.) are summarised in a series of Appendices at the end of the report. Also available as Appendices are summaries of the various grants, donations and in-kind contributions received, together with details of GOBLET’s elected and acting Officers, and of its committees and their aims.

Overall, these achievements reflect GOBLET's collaborative nature, and are the fruits of synergistic relationships and strategic alliances with international organisations and initiatives such as ELIXIR, CODATA-RDA, EMBnet, GO FAIR/GO TRAIN, ISCB, and so on. The report provides an important opportunity not only to acknowledge the key contributions of these collaborations, but also to thank our organisational and individual members, our donors and in-kind contributors for their dedication and support during GOBLET’s first five formative years.