iAnn: an event sharing platform for the life sciences

TitleiAnn: an event sharing platform for the life sciences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJimenez RC, Albar JP, Bhak J, Blatter M-C, Blicher T, Brazas MD, Brooksbank C, Budd A, Rivas JDe Las, Dreyer J, van Driel MA, Dunn MJ, Fernandes PL, van Gelder CWG, Hermjakob H, Ioannidis V, Judge DP, Kahlem P, Korpelainen E, Kraus H-J, Loveland J, Mayer C, McDowall J, Moran F, Mulder N, Nyronen T, Rother K, Salazar GA, Schneider R, Via A, Villaveces JM, Yu P, Schneider MVictoria, Attwood T, Corpas M
Date Published2013 Aug 1

SUMMARY: We present iAnn, an open source community-driven platform for dissemination of life science events, such as courses, conferences and workshops. iAnn allows automatic visualisation and integration of customised event reports. A central repository lies at the core of the platform: curators add submitted events, and these are subsequently accessed via web services. Thus, once an iAnn widget is incorporated into a website, it permanently shows timely relevant information as if it were native to the remote site. At the same time, announcements submitted to the repository are automatically disseminated to all portals that query the system. To facilitate the visualization of announcements, iAnn provides powerful filtering options and views, integrated in Google Maps and Google Calendar. All iAnn widgets are freely available.
AVAILABILITY: http://iann.pro/iannviewer CONTACT: manuel.corpas@tgac.ac.uk.

Alternate JournalBioinformatics
PubMed ID23742982