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Call for hosting the 2017 GOBLET AGM

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We would like to invite proposals to host GOBLET’s 6th AGM, to be held during the (northern) autumn of 2017.

Organisations and individuals interested in submitting a bid may do so by sending a proposal to the Executive Board (info@mygoblet.org) by 30 October 2016 (an email with expressions of interest would also be helpful prior to this date).

Bids received will be discussed at the 2016 AGM in Brisbane in November, where a vote will take place and the successful proposal will be announced.


Proposals, which should not exceed one side of A4, should contain:

  • The name and institution of the local organiser
  • Details of the proposed venue (for ~20-30 participants)
  • The range of dates available for the meeting
  • Estimate of costs (including venue, catering, hotel, local transportation)
  • Outlines of any plans to attract additional sponsorship
  • Suggestions for satellite events/workshops to reach out to the local community

    For more information about previous meetings (held in Amsterdam, Norwich, Toronto and Cape Town), please visit: http://mygoblet.org/about-us/goblet-events. To balance the meetings, this year we particularly encourage suggestions for European venues.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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