Data Analysis in Python

Fri, 2014-01-24
This course empowers you to accelerate your work by writing short programs. You learn how to apply the Python programming language to organize, evaluate, and display data from tables and text files. You acquire basic programming skills without having to become a full-time programmer. This allows you to automatize tasks that are difficult to solve manually (e.g. with MS Excel). In the course you will learn to sort and search numbers and text, and to display both in the form of diagrams. Practical questions adressed include pattern search in text data, data extraction from web pages and eliminating program bugs. The course is built upon concrete sample programs that you will examine, modify, and combine during the practical exercises. Python is a beginner-friendly programming language that works on Windows, Linux and Mac equally well. Therefore you could apply your newly learnt skills from the course to your own data right afterwards. Both course dates and duration can be arranged to your convenience
Illstrasse 12
12161 Berlin
150 EUR per person and day