Data-driven science is generating biological data at unprecedented rates. To make the information sequestered in the accumulating data accessible to the community, and to represent it such that it can be translated to knowledge, requires the development of rigorous data-stewardship practices and deployment of training. Data science is an emerging field, and training programmes are just being established. Best practices in data curation and in data-science training need to be established.

This is the group of people that care for standards in training and for training!

To create awareness and apply standards across bioinformatics training and foster best practices in relevant fields such as biocuration, data-sciences and academic software production.

If you are interested in learning more about our activities, or know of relevant standards projects, funding or events that should be shared with GOBLET, please get in touch with us:

Achievements & Highlights: 

_Here you can view our rolling agenda, actions and notes from our regular monthly committee meetings
_Niall Beard from TeSS (ELIXIR-UK) presented TeSS and Bioschemas, as well as discussed the existing Training medatata standards which this Committee will be reviewing.
-The Committee has presented a poster on the Biocuration 2017 conference:
-EMBL-ABR/GOBLET/Biosharing are collecting standards awareness and adoption across biosciences, please complete and share this survey with your communities:
-Set up the Goblet Standards Pool of Experts

Current projects & Activities : 

2017 projects
      • Implement minimum training material descriptors recommended by the Standards Committee
          - ensure Bioschemas compliance
      • Explore development of a registry of community standards, and tools for standards development
      • Map which bioinformatics standards are currently taught worldwide
      • Capture standards related training needs
      • Engage with the International Society for Biocuration and Biocuration 2017
          - consider joint activity
          - follow up 2016 workshop outcomes
      • Engage with Biocuration 2018

Standards members

Saravanan Dayalan Member 06/21/2017 view
Gabriella Rustici Member 02/23/2017 view
Sonika Tyagi Acting Chair 04/11/2017 view
Patricia Palagi Member 11/06/2013 view
Sarah L Morgan Member view
Judit Kumuthini Member 11/06/2013 view
Terri Attwood Member & Liaison to Exec Committee 01/17/2017 view
Mike Charleston Member 01/16/2017 view
Annette McGrath Member 08/21/2017 view


  1. STANDARDS: Training Materials Descriptors

    The Standards Committee has been working on developing Training Materials Descriptors together with Bioschemas.

    Here you can find the specification for describing training materials in life sciences proposed by the Bioschemas group:

    Here the consensus reached by GOBLET for descriptors of Training materials: