Technical Committee


The Technical Committee designed and maintains the GOBLET website and Training Portal.

Current projects & Activities : 

Amongst other things, the Technical Committee is responsible for:

  • providing technical infrastructure to support GOBLET activities
  • implementing the technical strategy for GOBLET
  • developing and maintaining GOBLET's Web presence
  • representing GOBLET's technical priorities in bioinformatics fora or networks (e.g., ELIXIR)
  • helping to integrate/maintain dialogue with related training portals (e.g., TeSS)

Technical Committee members

Carlos Horro Member 11/07/2016 view
Michelle Brazas Acting Chair 11/06/2013 view
Francis Ouellette Member 07/09/2015 view
Annette McGrath Member 11/20/2015 view
Andrew Lonsdale Member 11/07/2016 view
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