EMBL-ABR/GOBLET Hands-on training: RNA-seq data analysis

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EMBL-ABR and GOBLET join forces to bring Eija Korpelainen workhsop on RNA-seq data analysis to Australia. Over one and a half days participants will be given a hands-on introduction to RNA-seq data analysis: from raw sequence reads to differentially expressed genes – introducing the theory, analysis tools and file formats involved. The program consists of alternating short lectures and hands-on exercises.

Participants will learn and practise how to:

•check the quality of reads with FastQC and PRINSEQ

•remove bad quality data with Trimmomatic

•align RNA-seq reads to the reference genome with TopHat2

•visualise aligned reads in genomic context using the Chipster genome browser

•perform alignment level quality control using RseQC and SAMtools

•quantify expression by counting reads per genes using HTSeq

•check the experiment level quality with PCA plots and heatmaps

•analyse differential expression with DESeq2 and edgeR

•take multiple factors (including batch effects) into account in differential expression analysis.

further info and registration here https://www.embl-abr.org.au/gobletnov2016/


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