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Add ‘contributor’ category to membership

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    We agreed at the AGM to include a ‘contributor’ category, which would allow people to contribute materials to the Training Portal while not being members. I think the idea was that they would need to register with GOBLET, and they would get no other privileges other than being able to add content to the Portal.

    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    They can register freely, but then they have to be confirmed by Fran Lewitter (validate user to be a contributor).

    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Now there is available to everyone a form to request registration as a contributor member in
    Fran Lewitter will receive the messages to confirm or deny these requests.

    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    We need Michelle’s opinion to write an only-text block in the frontpage, or include new images with some texts (Terri sent some test text).

    Michelle BrazasMichelle Brazas

    I am closing this ticket as we are redefining COntributor

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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