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  • in reply to: Improvements to Issue Tracker System #1449
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Hi Michelle
    I’ve added the redirection that you had asked in your first comment. Now, when you try to access some page without been logged into the system, you will be asked about your identity, and later you will access to the page you wanted before.
    By the way, I’ve added other little functionality that can be useful. Now, you can login into using both your email or your user name, with your password. I think email is easier to remind than username, and some people tried to use their email instead their user name in the past…

    in reply to: Improvements to Issue Tracker System #1447
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    I’m working in the redirection you talked about. I hope I can have it finished next week.
    About the ‘Case information’ box, I’m not sure if it’s problematic, but I’m afraid that some aspects of our present functionality doesn’t allow to be modified easily, and I haven’t found the way to hide it yet…
    In the other hand, the ‘Case information’ box allows you, in every comment you do, to modify the issue status. For example, I use it always that I’ve solved one issue and I want to set its status to ‘Resolved’.
    About last point, I’ve added the functionality of uploading files with comments. I think anyone can do interesting contributions, and because of that for now I haven’t included restrictions to file uploading. We can do it later if you want…

    in reply to: Improvements to Issue Tracker System #1445
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    I’ve changed email’s format to html for a better appearance and to include links inside.
    Also, with this comment I’m testing it.

    in reply to: New view listing of members in the website. Keep members on top #1412
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Due to technical problems in Drupal we cannot sort by role, but we can show separately members and contributors.
    Because of that, finally we have created the new ‘Trainers and organisers by membership’ page:
    showing different tabs of members and contributors. We also show user type in all of them.
    ‘Guest’ users are ‘contributor’ users now.
    Removed ‘guest’ role.

    in reply to: Improvements to Issue Tracker System #1444
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    I’ve added column ‘Issued by’ in the list of cases.
    Also, with this comment I’m testing mail notifications.

    in reply to: Contact-us form bug #1422
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Problem should be solved. Mails are being sent in a different way and tests have worked.

    in reply to: Web service to export content in XML and/or JSON #1357
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro
    in reply to: How to remove a logo for a non-renewing institution #1438
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    If you mean to remove a logo from the bottom area of the frontpage, only members are showed there. Because of that, you must go to the affiliation’s page, uncheck the ‘member’ status and click save.
    For example, you can see ‘Yes’ in the member field of the University of Cambridge:
    You can change that in its ‘edit’ page.

    in reply to: Increase size of uploaded files #1360
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Increased maximum post and file upload sizes to 100 MB.

    in reply to: Required field in Contributor form #1437
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    It seems a Drupal internal problem (required fields in the registration form doesn’t seem to be mandatory, and because of that, new users don’t need to fill them).
    I’m looking for one solution to this error.

    in reply to: Broken links to photo galleries #1424
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    I’ve done different tasks:
    – New FlickR account to keep all GOBLET related photos. We must put there all GOBLET photos we have.
    New albums from TGAC FlickR account:
    (both availables at
    (it seems a subset of TGAC UK collection)
    – FlickR albums in a new page:
    – Added slideshows to these GOBLET events:…

    in reply to: Suck references in from a trainers’ bibliography #1417
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    Now user’s profile shows all publications of each user, extracted in real time from Europe PubMed Central web services.

    in reply to: Contributor registration/create account #1435
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro
    in reply to: Re-mapping how to create an account #1432
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    All the different requested tasks have been completed. There are only some comments to add:
    — Please confirm path/logic around Create New Account
    Currently, when one visitor registers a new user into the system , we send to the new user (and the admins) some automatic emails:
    – Welcome (awaiting approval): One message is sent to the user after he registers to inform him about
    that his account is awaiting to be approved by the admins.
    – Warning to the admins: One message is sent to Fran to approve (or reject) that new user.
    – Account activation: Another message sent to the user when the admin approves the account, with the link
    to set the password and do login.
    If one admin creates a new user using the form:

    Homepage 2018

    The first two messages are not necessary, and the admin can choose to send to the new user one email with the information about the new account.
    — Make all Affiliation content mandatory and relabel as follows: Affiliation
    field = Institution/Organization/Society Name, Institution/Organization/Society website
    These fields have been kept and updated, but in the user’s profile this information have been included into ‘Initial registered affiliation’ area. We’ve to add that information to a new one affiliation (with all its data: address, logo, etc.) if it’s the case.
    However, user will be able to add preexistent affiliations to his profile.
    — All of the above mandatory information should be saved and passed on to the new account approver, Fran.
    Included information: name, surname, username, user’s email, address, ‘Initial registered affiliation’ data, bioinformatics topics, audiences.
    This will be checked by Fran when she receives the first email.

    in reply to: Trouble setting a new password #1436
    Carlos HorroCarlos Horro

    There are several aspects to consider.
    I’ve done several tests with different email accounts, and emails were always being sent properly.
    The problem seems to be in the captcha. I think sometimes is difficult to introduce the correct captcha (you need to introduce exactly the same word, and it’s case sensitive), and if you fail several times (I think it was the point with Aidan), your account will be locked by security reasons and it needs that one admin manages the issue.
    I’ve added a new captcha system into ‘Request new password’ and ‘Become a contributor’ forms, the Google’s reCaptcha. It’s pretty simple and intuitive, and I think it can helps us with this problem.
    If it works properly, we can extend it to the whole system and replace the Mollom’s captcha.
    If not, we’ll have to reopen this issue and maybe doing specific tests with different email’s providers.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 74 total)