GOBLET Member Announcement Form, Social Media Platforms, and Mailing List

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Do you want GOBLET to share announcements related to your activities? You can now do so by submitting your announcement information to us through our GOBLET member announcement form available here: https://bit.ly/gobletannouncementform

Do bookmark this link!

The submitted information will be reviewed by the GOBLET PR Team and once approved, it will be shared via GOBLET social media platforms, website, and mailing list, where applicable.

GOBLET utilises its account on the following social media platforms to reach out to the community:

We are seeking materials of interest that could be shared with the community at large through our platforms. If you or your organisation would like to contribute, do reach out to us. You can now do this easily through our GOBLET member announcement form.

Do take note that we will be retiring our forwarding address “all@mygoblet.org”, used in the past to reach out to GOBLET members. This is replaced by our GOBLET member announcement form.

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