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Eija Korpelainen

Eija Korpelainen

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My work as a product manager at CSC – IT Center for Science focuses on enabling life scientists to analyze high-throughput data. We run 10-15 training courses every year, mainly on single cell RNA-seq and RNA-seq. We have also written a guide book on RNA-seq data analysis. In order to enable biologists to analyze data efficiently, we have developed the open source analysis software Chipster. Chipster offers a user-friendly access to over 450 commonly used analysis tools and Ensembl-based reference data. Users can share analysis sessions and workflows, and visualize data efficiently using different types of interactive visualizations, such as genome browser. In addition to GOBLET I’m involved in several other international bioinformatics networks including Bioinfo-core and ELIXIR.

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GOBLET AGM2020 – slides and videos available!

Post – Posted by Eija Korpelainen on September 27, 2020



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