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Allison Gardner

Allison Gardner

Trainer, Contributor


My first degree was in Clinical Biochemistry and Kent University, after which I gained a PGCE in Science and Biology. I taught in UK state schools and international colleges in Spain, mainly focussing on Biology, PSHE/SRE Education, IT and Science, with specialist skills in teaching Gifted and Talented Students and Information Technology in Education. I completed my Masters Degree in Medical Science with the Open University, focusing on the Neurobiology of Ageing, specifically Alzheimer’s Disease. My dissertation utilised Bioinformatic tools to investigate the changes caused by pseudo-phosphorylation of tau protein on protein-binding motifs and secondary structure. I then completed a PGCert in Computational Biology at Manchester University after which I commenced my PhD, characterising and predicting amyloid mutations, at Manchester University with Prof Andrew Doig as supervisor. My research involved building a database of human amyloid mutations and associated characteristics in terms of location and amino acid properties. I then utilised machine learning to develop an ensemble predictor that predicted the probability of a mutation causing amyloid formation. I started working at Keele University as a Teaching Fellow in 2013 and was initially Programme Director for the Accelerated International Foundation Year and Internationalisation Director. I am currently Head of Foundation Year Science. I also teach Bioinformatics and supervise third year projects in the School of Computing. Externally I am a governor of a local primary school and a local government councillor. I sit on the Economic Development and Enterprise Scrutiny Committee (which I have previously chaired) and the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee. I have contributed to the councils 2017-2022 Economic Strategy focussing on the impact of artificial intelligence and automation for skills and job development.


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