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Dave Clements

Dave Clements

Trainer, Organiser, Contributor


I work on the Galaxy Project for Johns Hopkins University (and formerly at Emory University), where I organize meetings and courses, prepare training materials, and improve Galaxy's documentation, wiki, and web presence. I'm also hoping to touch the (Python!) code. Prior to working on Galaxy I ran the GMOD Help Desk from 2007-2010, where I did similar work. I am still involved in the GMOD community as a representative of Galaxy. From 2007 through 2012 I telecommuted from the Phillips and Cresko Labs in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IE2) at the University of Oregon. (That was the first time I got to stay in the same office while changing employers!) Since 2013 I have telecommuted from the Toomey Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences, also at the University of Oregon. My background is in computer science. I have been working in bioinformatics since 2000.


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Galaxy Project, Johns Hopkins University