Renewal of GOBLET statutes

GOBLET was registered as a legal Foundation (Stichting) in Nijmegen (NL) in November 2012. During the last 4 years, GOBLET’s membership has expanded considerably and, to some extent, outgrown its governing statutes and byelaws. It is important that these documents keep pace with, and adequately serve, GOBLET’s evolving membership. To this end, the Executive Board has prepared a revised set of statutes that are more flexible and allow greater participation of its members – in particular, they allow eligible individual members to run for Officer positions.

To be legally binding, the revised statutes must first be approved by you, the constituency, after which they will be registered by a notary in Nijmegen.

Please review this document and vote (to approve, not approve, abstain) using the following form. Only one vote is eligible per member. Voting will close on Friday July 15, 2016.

For information, the following byelaws have been approved by the Executive and Operational Boards. The current vote only relates to revisions of the statutes.

The 2012 versions of the statutes and byelaws are available for comparison.