Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogenetics

Thu, 2013-12-19 to Fri, 2013-12-20
The overall course aim is to provide an introduction to the computation of quality Multiple Sequence Alignments (MSAs), primarily for phylogenetic analysis. More specifically, we aim to discuss (i) What alignments are useful for - why we align sequences; (ii) What’s in a sequence; what’s in an alignment; (iii) What alignments mean - introducing metaphor; (iv) Visualising alignments; (v) Alternative interpretations (evolutionary and structural) of sequence alignments; (vi) Building automatic and manual multiple sequence alignments (MSAs) with JalView; (vii) MSAs and short protein linear motifs (viii) MSAs and phylogenetics. Course objectives are primarily to enable participants to better (i) Understand the range of contexts in which alignments are used & are useful; (ii) Understand the importance of sequence similarities & differences, & what they tell us; (iii) Understand the meaning of alignments; (iv) Understand the use of metaphor & its role in interpreting alignments.
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom