Pathway and Network Analysis of -omics Data (2014)

Wed, 2014-06-04 to Fri, 2014-06-06
Many research programs often slow or stall after generating a gene list. The Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops at has developed a 3-day course covering the bioinformatics concepts and tools available for annotating and determining functional enrichment of a gene list and analyzing networks. The workshop is focused on the principles and concepts required for analyzing and conducting pathway analysis on a gene list from any organism, although focus will be on human and model Eukaryotic organisms. Specifically, we will focus on 1) getting more information about a gene list, 2) finding out how a set of genes is connected, 3) discovering what's enriched in a gene list (and using it for hypothesis generation) and 4) extending or refining a gene list. An analysis flow chart will be developed throughout the course.
661 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 0A3
$650 CAD