RNA-seq data Analysis

Mon, 2014-07-07 to Wed, 2014-07-09
The BioSB research school and partners LUMC and ErasmusMC are organizing a 3-day course on RNA-seq data analysis (4th edition) from July 7-9, 2014. This is an advanced course for people with experience in NGS. The course will consist of seminars and hands-on command line, Galaxy and R practicals and will cover the analysis pipelines for differential transcript expression and variant calling. Examples will be taken from human and mouse studies. The course does not cover prokaryotic RNA profiling nor plant- and metagenomics aspects. Course topics: RNA-seq experimental approaches, Alignment and de novo assembly, Statistics for differential gene expression, eQTL analysis and allele specific expression, Variant calling and RNA editing, Fusion transcript detection, Small RNA profiling, Software for RNA-seq data analysis
150-600 euro