TA-AFADM14 Transcriptome Assembly, Automatic Annotation and Data Mining

Mon, 2014-10-06 to Thu, 2014-10-09
This is a combined course in RNA-seq and functional annotation aimed at scientists working in next generation sequencing transcriptomics who want to extract the best possible information from their data. The course covers all aspects of RNA-seq analysis, from quality control, to mapping, reconstruction of transcripts and differential expression. Participants will learn how to deal with RNA-seq data both in the presence and absence of a reference genome. The second part of the course is a practical workshop on Blast2GO, the most popular framework for functional annotation of sequence data. Participants will learn how to generate de novo functional labels, such as GO terms and KEGG pathways, for their sequence data and how to extract relevant information from these annotations, i.e. visualisation and enrichment analysis using the Gene Ontology. This part will be based on the use of the Blast2GO application and will mainly comprise exercises and practical cases. Participants may bring their own data.
Rua da Quinta Grande, 6
2780 Oeiras
Free, Euro 320