Bioinformatics Introductory Module

by | Jun 27, 2014

This Bioinformatics Introductory Module for self-study was designed for future students of the  Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD) master’s program at Radboud University Medical Centre. To level out the starting differences in bioinformatics knowledge between this incoming heterogeneous group of students as much as possible, we have designed an introductory course module that should allow them – via self study and hands-on exercises – to acquire sufficient basic bioinformatics knowledge.

Keywords: Databases, Sequence homology, Phylogeny, Protein structure, Microarrays, Proteomics, Expression analysis, Protein-protein interaction, Cluster analysis, protein modelling, networks, bioinformatics.

Anticipated time needed to complete the module: 40 hours.  Answers for all the exercises are available on request.

Of course you do need internet connection to perform the hands-on exercises. There is no need, however, to install programs onto your computer and also low-speed data transfer should be sufficient. All literature that is cited and used throughout the module was taken from open access sources.