Flow Cytometry 2013 Module 6 – Clustering and Additional FCM Tools

by | Jun 26, 2013

  • Lecture on FlowCAP (Flow Cytometry: Critical Assessment of Population Identification Methods) project
  • K-means explained
  • flowMeans: smart k-means for FCM data
  • flowClust3.0, SPADE, flowBin, flowFP, SamSPECTRAL clustering
  • Biomarker discovery: flowType and RchyOptimyx, advanced tools used to explore novel phenotypes and find ones which correlate with a clinical diagnosis
  • More R: Bioconductor.org, an open source software project full of bioinformatics packages created for R, including sample work flows
  • GenePattern.org: web-interface for running analysis modules such as sample deidenti cation, extracting speci c keywords, quality control, normalization, clustering, classi fication
  • FlowRepository.org: online FCM data repository to share public or private data sets with collaborators while providing detailed descriptions of the experiment set up and each FCS fi le