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Pradeep Kumar Eranti
Harriet Dashnow
Basic python programming, R Programming, Unix/Linux, github, genomics
Dr Kristian Rother
python, Biopython, presenting, teaching methodology, scrum
Dr Nicola Mulder
bioinformatics, Annotation, Sequence analysis, functional genomics
Dr Andreas Zanzoni
Mohammad Asif Khan
immunoinformatics, data-warehousing, venom-informatics, viral-informatics, Biomarker discovery, vaccine-informatics
Dr Bruno Gaeta
Sequence analysis, Sequence alignment, Molecular phylogeny, Protein functional characterisation, Database similarity searching, Introductory bioinformatics for computer scientists, Protein structure visualisation, Ethics, Project management
Dr Anthony Papenfuss
Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, BioInfoSummer, Computational Biology Winter School, Phylogenetic analysis
Dr David Lovell
Simon Andrews
Ahmed M. Alzohairy Alzohairy
Dr Michelle Brazas
bioinformatics, higher education, genomics
Dr Ioannis Michalopoulos
Susanna Sansone
Dr Marco Manfrini
NGS data analysis, Pathway and netwok analysis, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis
B Patrick Chapman
bioinformatics, command line, cluster computing
Dr Javier De Las Rivas
Advanced Bioinformatics training, Bioinformatic algorithms implementation, Biological networks, Interactomics, Protein-Protein Interactions, functional genomics, Cancer Genomics
Mark Dunning
R Programming, NGS bioinformatics, Bioconductor, RNA-seq analysis, ChIP-seq, microarray data analysis
Russell Schwartz
BSc Hons, MSc and Phd degrees, course development, conference organization, curricular standards, advocacy through ISCB
Daniel Morais
metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, Quality filter
karamveer parjapat
Basic python programming, poster presentation on gene prediction methods, Role of mi-RNA in cancer
Dr Wyeth Wasserman
Genome sequence analysis, identification of regions regulating transcription, gene expression
Barbara van Kampen
Ms Ana Conesa
Andreas Heger
Chris Ponting
Ms Areum Han
computational biology, RNA Biology, Genetic Variation, Alternative Splicing, Single Nucelotide Polymorphism, RNA editing
Gert Vriend
protein structure bioinformatics
Greg Hess
Katherine Wilkins