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B Patrick Chapman
bioinformatics, command line, cluster computing
Alan Christoffels
Dave Clements
Bradford Condon
next generation sequencing, phylogenetics, unix, multiple sequence alignment
Ms Ana Conesa
Carlos contributor
Manuel Corpas
bioinformatics, NGS, JavaScript, perl, Annotation, genomics, Transcriptomics
Dr Mark Crowe
Introduction to RNA-Seq analysis, RNA-seq, Variant detection, Genome assembly, Transcriptome assembly, Galaxy web interface, R Programming, biostatistics
Domenica D'Elia
Rishi Das Roy
Harriet Dashnow
Basic python programming, R Programming, Unix/Linux, github, genomics
Angela Davies
Saravanan Dayalan
metabolomics, Standards
Valérie de Crécy-Lagard
Dr Javier De Las Rivas
Advanced Bioinformatics training, Bioinformatic algorithms implementation, Biological networks, Interactomics, Protein-Protein Interactions, functional genomics, Cancer Genomics
Mrs Mieke Demeyere
opstart bio-informatica als keuzetraject binnen FBT (2007-2008), opstart bio-informatica in afstandsonderwijs (2010-2011), opstart bio-informatica als bachelor-na-bachelor (2015-2016), opstart bio-informatica als advanced bachelor (2016-2017)
Holger Dinkel
Maria A. Doyle
Mr Matt Drew
Radina Droumeva
Flow Cytometry, R, bioinformatics
Mark Dunning
R Programming, NGS bioinformatics, Bioconductor, RNA-seq analysis, ChIP-seq, microarray data analysis
Dr David Eccles
nanopore sequencing
Dr Richard Edwards
Molecular phylogeny, Python for Biologists, Protein identification
Mr Ibrahim Eldeen
Dr Abeer Elhenawy
Ms Roanne Ephithite
Pradeep Kumar Eranti
Dr Angelo Facchiano
Pedro Fernandes
bioinformatics history, introduction to bioinformatics, proteomics, comparative genomics, data integration, linking data and literature, Advanced Bioinformatics training, Training technique, adhoc training, e-learning, online learning, training design
Dr Donald Roy Forsdyke
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics history, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, immunology, evolutionary biology, Biohistory