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Paul Kersey
Mohammad Asif Khan
immunoinformatics, data-warehousing, venom-informatics, viral-informatics, Biomarker discovery, vaccine-informatics
Dr Radhika Khetani
bioinformatics, Biological databases, ChIP-seq, Experimental design for RNA-seq, Introduction to RNA-Seq analysis, High Throughput Sequencing Analysis, Genome sequence analysis, Data analysis, data visualization, Advanced Bioinformatics training, High Troughput Bioinformatics, introduction to bioinformatics
Dr Eija Korpelainen
Next generation sequencing data analysis, microarray data analysis
Diane Kovats
Dr Judit Kumuthini
Dr Kris Laukens
Fran Lewitter
Dr Lili Li
Dr Jessica Lindvall
Bioinformatics for Research, Advanced Bioinformatics training, basic bioinformatics, Scientific computing applied to biological sciences
Andrew Lonsdale
Mr Andrew Lonsdale
Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, Python for Biologists
Dr David Lovell
Jingchu Luo
Dr Dan MacLean
Dr Marco Manfrini
NGS data analysis, Pathway and netwok analysis, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis
Dr Annette McGrath
NGS bioinformatics, Galaxy, RNASeq, ChIPSeq, metagenomics
Dr Peter McQuilton
Standards, bioinformatics, Biological databases, policy
Dr Ann Meyer
Dr Ioannis Michalopoulos
Dr Magali Michaut
soft skills, networking
Daniel Morais
metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, Quality filter
Dr Sarah L Morgan
Michele Morris
Basic python programming, Introductory Bioinformatics, High School bioinformatics course design
Dr Quaid Morris
Machine learning and statistical modelling for genomic-scale experimental data, genomic dataset integration, microarray data analysis, protein-protein interaction networks, microRNAs, regulatory networks, transcription factor binding site prediction
Dr Nicola Mulder
All aspects of bioinformatics education
Dr Nicola Mulder
bioinformatics, Annotation, Sequence analysis, functional genomics
Monica Munoz-Torres
genome annotation, genomics, biocuration, genome curation, bioinformatics, functional annotation, phylogenetics
Wataru Nemoto
structural bioinformatics, NGS data analysis
Dr Ståle Nygård
microarray data analysis, RNA-seq, Pathway and netwok analysis