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Tommi Nyronen
Francis Ouellette
Dr Patricia Palagi
bioinformatics, programming, proteomics, python, training, Project management
Dr Anthony Papenfuss
Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, BioInfoSummer, Computational Biology Winter School, Phylogenetic analysis
karamveer parjapat
Basic python programming, poster presentation on gene prediction methods, Role of mi-RNA in cancer
Dr Alberto Pascual-García
protein structure bioinformatics, biomathematics
Ms Veronica Peterson
Neuroscience, Behavior, Biochemistry, Psychology, Biology
Chris Ponting
Dr Fotis Psomopoulos
Dr Catherine Putonti
genomics, metagenomics, Microbiology
Mr Phillip Richmond
introduction to genomics, Python programming for biologists
Dr Paolo Romano
Salvador Angel Romero Martinez
next generation sequencing, High Troughput Bioinformatics, Bioinformatic algorithms implementation
Dr Gregoire Rossier
Dr Kristian Rother
python, Biopython, presenting, teaching methodology, scrum
Mr Sonti Roy
M.Sc in Biotechnology, Short term training in bioinformatics, Teaching experience
Dr Claudia Rubiano
bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics training, Machine Learning, Molecular biology
Dr Gabriella Rustici
bioinformatics, computational biology
Dr Reza Salek
metabolomics, Biological databases, Data analysis, Standards, bioinformatics
Dr Thippesh Sannasiddappa
Microbiology, genomics, Synthetic Biology
Susanna Sansone
Antonio Santovito
Dr Ralf Schmid
Russell Schwartz
BSc Hons, MSc and Phd degrees, course development, conference organization, curricular standards, advocacy through ISCB
Mr Omar Julio Sosa
Transcriptomics, NGS data analysis, Cancer Informatics, gene expression, Cancer Genomics, genetics and genomics
R. Burke Squires
Python Programming for Scientists, Introduction to Data Visualization (with Python), Introduction ot Biopython, Introduction to Data Analysis (with python, pandas), Introduction to Data Science, Data Science: Data Munging
Mrs Antoniya Stavreva
Dr Lincoln Stein
bioinformatics, Biological networks, data visualization, data integration
Dr Thomas Svensson
Dr Ozlem Tastan Bishop
Advanced Bioinformatics training, structural bioinformatics