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Dr Chris Taylor
bioinformatics, biomathematics, evolutionary biology, population genetics
Jan Taylor
Clinical Bioinformatics, genetics and genomics
TCHOGNA Sonia Alexandra TCHOGNA Sonia Alexandra
Tracy Teal
Data Carpentry, metagenomics, HPC, command line, 16S, Software Carpentry
Dr Athina theodosiou
computational biology, Bioinformatics lecture and laboratory, NGS bioinformatics, QC of NGS data
Mrs Yvonne Thornton
Tracey Timms-Wilson
Dr Rochelle Tractenberg
scholarship of teaching and learning, impact and outcomes, evaluation of teaching, programs, and curricula, statistical reasoning, Experimental Design, Clinical Statistics, measurement, psychometrics
Dr Rebecca Twells
Dr Sonika Tyagi
Mrs Löber Ulrike
High Throughput Sequencing Analysis
Harmen van de Werken
Dr Celia van Gelder
Jacques van Helden
Peter van Heusden
Python programming for bioinformatics
Barbara van Kampen
Nicole Vasilevsky
Development of BD2K Open Educational Resources in various topics in data science., Lead organizer for the OHSU Library Data Science Insitute, BD2K Data Science Short Courses at OHSU
Dimitar Vassilev
bioinformatics, Biological databases
Dr allegra.via Via
bioinformatics, python, Python for Biologists, Biopython, structural bioinformatics
Gert Vriend
protein structure bioinformatics
Victoria Walker
Project management
Dr Wyeth Wasserman
Genome sequence analysis, identification of regions regulating transcription, gene expression
Mr Mick Watson
Natalia Westervelt Westervelt
Katherine Wilkins
Alper Yilmaz
NGS, bioinformatics
Mr Paul Yorke
Dr Andreas Zanzoni